Ferrite or Fe a is a solid solution having as main component steel and carbon in low content (maximum 0.035%). Ferrite can therefore be considered as pure iron below 911 ° C Iron a is ferromagnetic below 769 ° C and below it is paramagnetic. Ferromagnetism is the property that certain bodies have of magnetizing themselves very strongly under the effect of an external magnetic field, and for some (magnets, hard magnetic materials) of keeping a significant magnetization even after the disappearance of the external field. . Paramagnetism designates in electromagnetism the behavior of a material medium which does not have spontaneous magnetization but which, under the effect of an external magnetic field, acquires a magnetization directed in the same direction as this excitation field. A paramagnetic material therefore has a magnetic susceptibility of positive value, generally quite low. This magnetization disappears when the excitation field is cut, so there is no hysteresis phenomenon as for ferromagnetism. Ferrite is considered relatively flexible and is prone to corrosion.

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