Composites by the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process


The RTM process, or low pressure injection molding of liquid resin, consists in filling the cavity of a rigid and closed mold by injection of resin at one or more points. Among the many advantages, the high productivity induced by this system allows the production of large series parts. In addition, the flexibility of implementation, and the ease of adjusting process parameters (cycle time, shape of parts, injection positions, reinforcement rate, etc.) make it a very flexible process.


The RTM is available in three main processes:


The RTM process

The RTM (Resin Transfert Molding) process should develop at a rate of 8% per year in Europe, in particular for the production of small series, thanks to the improvement of resin injection simulation methods.


The RTM process ensures the transformation of approximately 5% of composites in France against 8% in Europe; it tends to replace manual technologies for the following reasons:



The progress in the use of RTM technology comes up against a number of technological difficulties:



The RTM process is used for various applications (this list being non-exhaustive):


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Composite production using the RTM (Resin Transfert Molding) process